– What is FUE hair transplant ?

Follicular Unit Extraction. It is the individual removal of hair follicles in their naturally occurring groupings of 1-4 hairs. A special tool is used to create about a 1mm incision and the hairs are removed with forceps.

– What is the best age for hair transplant ?

According to leading hair transplant specialists, the ideal age for hair transplant is 30 and above. This is the time the baldness sets in, so patients can get the right transplant for them.

– Does the patients feel pain?

Patients are given local anesthesia in the donor and recipient areas. Most patients find that once the anesthesia is given that they feel no pain or discomfort during the surgery. Following surgery patients will typically feel some amount of soreness and numbness, with some mild discomfort. Most patients are pleasantly surprised by how minimal the discomfort from the surgical procedure is.

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